Power Cube SA/80 series

The 25/50/75/100 kW Green Generators

Suitable for welding, melting, tempering softening, quenching and hardening heat treatment <hardened layer of deep use>
Can be used with infrared temperature controller, thermal imager to control the temperature, heat insulation, control of protective gas

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Power Cube SA/80 series

Power Cube SA/80 series
SA 25kw/50kw/75kw/100kw

Power Supply:3Ø 400V ,50/60Hz
Size:710 x 550 x 1570mm Weight:300kg
Frequency:25 kHz ~100 kHz
Absorbed Power:25kw/ 50kw/ 75kw/ 100kw
Efficiencies:> 96%
Touch-screen Interface
A fully automatic process for selecting the best Generator parameters,maximizing conversion efficiency at each set point power.〈AUTO LEARN〉
Thermal profile management and monitoring
Integrated Web server and Data Log System