Note the use of high frequency

High frequency inductive heater is suitable for heating any metal. It is depending on different application has varies frequency, such as higher frequency, high frequency, medium- high frequency and medium frequency Inductive heater.

Note the use of high frequency

Note the use of high frequency

High-frequency heating only the metal.

Use of frequency heating depth to object to the decision, the higher the frequency of the more light and heat through.

Effect of using a power level of the heating rate and temperature.

Induction heating head coil length and area-related items.

Tons of intermittent heating and cooling machine continuity heating used are different.

High-frequency heating up rapidly, laser positioning temperature detector sensitive reaction rate used, the temperature 80 ° C, the highest temperature reached 2000 ° C.

Be sure to use high frequency induction power line anti-high-voltage wire and proper installation of the equipment grounding wire to avoid electric shock.

27 Apr, 2011 Phonor RD Department