Power Cube SA/80 series

High frequency inductive heater is suitable for heating any metal. It is depending on different application has varies frequency, such as higher frequency, high frequency, medium- high frequency and medium frequency Inductive heater.

Power Cube SA/80 series - POWER CUBE SA/80 series
  • Power Cube SA/80 series - POWER CUBE SA/80 series

Power Cube SA/80 series

SA 25kw/50kw/75kw/100kw

SA/80 series

Power Supply:3Ø 400V ,50/60Hz

Size:710 x 550 x 1570mm Weight:300kg

Frequency:25 kHz ~100 kHz

Absorbed Power:25kw/ 50kw/ 75kw/ 100kw

Efficiencies:> 96%

Touch-screen Interface

A fully automatic process for selecting the best Generator parameters,maximizing conversion efficiency at each set point power.〈AUTO LEARN〉

Thermal profile management and monitoring

Integrated Web server and Data Log System

  • High Power output
  • High level of performance with minimal operating costs
  • Automatic tracking and best optimization to load
  • Constant ,repeatable power generation via microprocessor control
  • Minimum cooling water flow required
  • High Safety: output insulation from the mains
  • Highly integrated with a small footprint
  • User Friendly Opeations through graphical touch-screen interface
  • Stainless Steel casing
  • Compliant with Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations
  • Annealing ‧ hardening ‧ normalizing tempering
  • Soldering ‧ brazing ‧ sintering ‧ hot forging
  • Hot extension fit
  • Local heat treatment
  • Precious metal smelting
  • Wire rolling